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"Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body."

- Martha Graham


At Sanctuary we offer a full range of dance disciplines for all ages and levels. We have incredibly qualified and talented instructors that will teach you or your dancer both the style and technique you need to succeed. 

2019/2020 dance schedule and registration is now live!

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Creative Movement (2-3 years old) 


Have a child who just wants to move?  This class is designed to keep your little one moving and introducing them to movement and music in a fun atmosphere.  


Kinder Kids (3-4 years old)


In our Littles and KinderDance classes, children will be introduced to and guided to improve their skills of coordination, basic loco motor skills, rhythm, musicality, opposites and directions, balance, group dynamics, and some elementary positions of ballet. Along with these concepts the children will enhance their self-awareness, imagination, teamwork, and creativity.



Young Dancers (5-6 years old)


These are very special years and need to be in a fun-filled and structured environment. Five and six year olds have a tremendous amount of enthusiasm that needs nurturing within a greater degree of structure. At this level we can focus on more activities with physical awareness:


 Level 1 (7+ year olds)


There is such a difference between the six and seven year old. The age of reason begins! Seven year olds and older enjoy having a disciplined framework within to work. They find enjoyment in exploring coordinated movement, the finer details of barre work, and how they look as a group. In this level ballet and jazz technique begins. Abdominals are placed more realistically for dance requirements and in a few cases we achieve the feat of "stomachs up, shoulders down, and breath" simultaneously.



Level 2 – 5


As your child progresses, ballet and jazz technique builds; musicality, terminology, and style becomes more defined and focused. The student's training and development requires specific, longer, and more frequent classes. Admittance into specific levels is determined by the student's individual progress as assessed by Sanctuary's instructors. This is to assure that your child is placed where he/she can do their very best work and continue to grow. Although placement is sometimes difficult, dancers and parents must respect that the instructors have the student's best interest in mind. As your child moves to upper levels, expect to spend two or more years on certain levels.




A fun and funky class taught to students with no dance experience as well as the experienced student. Hip Hop refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music and is often seen in music videos and performed by high school and college dance teams. Hip Hop is also distinguished from other forms of jazz dance because of its freestyle (improvisational) nature. Hip Hop can be a form of entertainment or a hobby and is a great way to stay active and enjoy dancing. Hip Hop classes are age specific.




Tap is integrated into Littles, Kinder Kids, and Young Dancers classes. Tap for ages 7+ is offered at a Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced level determined by the instructors.




Clogging is a type of dance that uses the dancers' footwear musically by striking different parts of the foot against the floor to make rhythms. Clogging is different than tap mostly because of the type of shoe you wear. In clogging you have a jingle tap and in tap you have a flat plate tap completely attached to the shoe. We offer a Beginning and Intermediate Level (2+ years experience).


Boys Break Dancing/Hip Hop (ages 9+)

Have a boy groovin' to the music at home? Our Boys Breaking class might be the perfect fit! Mr. Ben leads our boys in a fast paced combination of athleticism and art. 

Teen Jazz (ages 12+) 

Are you looking for a FUN and upbeat class? Our Teen Jazz class includes all levels - beginner through advanced - and is sure to be good time for your dancer. Class are held once a week and are for the teen who wants to get the benefits of dance, but might have a busy schedule!

Adult Classes


We offer adult ballet, adult jazz, adult contemporary and a hip hop class.  The classes are designed for the adult who wishes to participate in a movement-oriented class to stay in shape and appreciate the art form. 

For more information on pricing, if you are interested in registering for any of our dance classes or are still unsure where to start, please contact TyAnne Roberts below.

sanctuary dance

 Sanctuary dance is proud to offer dancers of the Palouse region a well-rounded dance education with the highest quality of instruction for our young, blossoming beginners to our more advanced dancers. Sanctuary dance has a state of-the-art studio to provide your dancers with a safe and nurturing environment.

Through our curriculum we will instill a love of art, knowledge of technique, poise, self-esteem, discipline, creativity and self-confidence. Our training and performance opportunities provide students the opportunity to learn responsibility and commitment inherent in a theatrical discipline, along with the skills to enjoy and appreciate dance for a lifetime. Whether the student is a recreational or serious dancer, these principles are with them for life. We offer the same positive, caring, and rewarding experience to all of our students.

Under the direction of the Dance Director, TyAnne Roberts, our dance program continues to delight the community and provide first-class training.  Her 20+ years of teaching experience combined with her ballet based training from Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet guarantees the program produces strong technical based dancers.  She is also the Artistic Director of Sanctuary’s award winning performing company, Sanctuary Dance Co.  In the first 3 years Sanctuary Dance Co has received numerous top rankings at regional competitions with awards including Best Precision, Best Choreography, Junior Title Winners, and many more!


TyAnne Roberts, Dance Director

(509) 332-2977

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