Sanctuary Phase 2 Effective 2/14/21 

In-Studio Classes increase to 14 students in Hot Studio

Please read below to learn about how we're keeping our studio a safe Sanctuary for all

Dear Sanctuary Community, 


Thank you for your continued support as COVID-19 creates fluid conditions for us all.  Our live streaming classes will continue as an option for those of you who are unable to attend in person classes. We want everyone to have access to the fantastic wellness benefits of class both in person and online.


Moving forward we will continue to monitor state guidelines as we adapt Sanctuary’s “new normal”. The protocols below apply to in person studio classes and will be updated as additional guidance emerges.


In Person Studio Class Protocols!


Masks: We are all about health and wellness and take your safety very seriously. We want our community to be able to enjoy this Sanctuary so please work with us on this. If you do not have a mask, they can either purchased on site or visit another time. 

Based on the Governor's new guidelines, we must ask everyone to continue wearing masks at all times while inside the studio, even during classes.  Acclimating to new circumstances is definitely a life skill to cultivate during these challenging times. So develop your mind body connection, take breaks, listen to your body, perhaps try different facial coverings like bandanas and see what works best for you. There are also face shields that provide more ventilation and even more coverage. 

Props and Gear: All students are required to bring their own yoga gear. This includes mats, towels, straps and blocks. If you are without gear, we have everything for purchase. Please bring your own hand towel or rag to clean your mat after class. If you do not have a hand towel, we will supply paper towels. No rental mats or towels are available at this time.  

Pre-registration: Registering in advance limits congestion at the front desk and facilitates contact tracing. This can easily be accomplished via Mind Body or calling the studio. If the class is full, you will be put on a waiting list and notified if spots open up. 


No Show Policy: While we are limiting class capacities, we will enact a new no show policy. Students who pre-register for class are asked to cancel their registration at least 2 hours before class starts to enable those on the waiting list to attend. If you do not cancel in advance, a $5 no show fee will be assessed. Please be diligent when you reserve a spot in class. If you are running late just give us a call. 





Social Distancing: While in the lobby, please maintain a 6 ft. separation with others. 

Hand Sanitizing: Students and staff are required to sanitize and/or wash their hands when they first arrive at the studio and after each class. If you don’t have your own hand sanitizer it will be provided at multiple locations throughout the studio.  

Checking In: You will no longer sign in on a printed registration sheets Students can "self check in" for class through Mind Body by scanning your studio fob or verbally telling your name to the front desk team. This eliminates touching pens and congestion at the front desk. Studio fobs with bar codes linked to your account can be purchased for $5. If you’d like one sent to you, please email  

Credit/Debit Cards: We do not accept cash for sanitary purposes. Please save your card details in your Mind Body customer profile to eliminate the need to bring it to the studio. Be sure to include your full name, billing address, expiration date and Security code on back. Any cards not already on file will be entered into the system by our staff. You will NOT asked to hand your card to staff so long as we can see the numbers on it. 


Hot Room & Studio Access: Students will have access to the hot room and barre studios no more than 15 minutes before class begins. This give our staff time to disinfect the studios in between classes.

Entering Class Please do not congregate outside studio entrances.  Everyone will have ample time to settle in. Please do not leave any items on the benches outside the studios. There will be plenty of space near your mat for your belongings (ALL phones set to Silent/ Do Not Disturb). Shoes must be left underneath the benches outside the studios. Individualized storage cubbies are also available within the locker rooms.  

Mat Placement: Mat markers define each “spot” in the hot room. These small stickers can be found underneath the front mirror and along the bottom of the back wall. Please center your mat underneath the sticker to ensure you are at least 6 feet apart from your neighbor. The rows are staggered for view into the front mirror.


Adjustments: There will be no physical adjustments from instructors.


Mat Cleaning: Please clean your mat at home. Mat cleaner and shared towels will no longer be provided. 

Mat Storage: We ask members to bring their mats home. Shared member mat storage area will be closed for the time being.

Existing Class: Instructors will ask you to stagger your exits. Those closest to the door exiting first. Please work with us to ensure everyone has the time and space they need. 

Locker Rooms: are open for restroom facilities, but we ask that you shower at home.

We realize that many of these new policies are inconvenient, but we all must be vigilant to maintain a clean and healthy environment for everyone who enters our sanctuary.

Thank you so much for your continued loyalty. We ask for your patience while we adapt to changing conditions. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.


With Gratitude,

Your Sanctuary Team

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