July 14, Ages 5-7yrs, 5:00-6:00pm at Sanctuary Studio
July 15, Ages 8-12, 5:30-8:00pm at WSU Jones Theater 
July 16, Ages 13yrs+, 3:00-5:30pm at WSU Jones Theater 

Pre-registration for Auditions is required by July 12th.

We can't believe we are going into our 8th year of having a competition and performing company! Our team does an outstanding job every year, but more importantly they learn so much more about themselves, responsibility, hard work, persistence and attention to detail. Many of you know and have seen our performing/competition company - Sanctuary Dance Company (SDC) perform at local basketball games, regional competitions, recital or may have supported us at one of our fundraisers. We are starting to get ready for next year and would love to see your dancer at auditions if they are still wanting "more" after regular classes and recitals.

 In 2019-2020 Sanctuary Dance Company competed in 2 regional competitions in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho before our season was cut short due to COVID-19. As a team, we came out of this competition season with over 30 TOP 10 placements and 10 1st Place Awards. At KAR Dance Competition our dancers took home the TOP STUDIO AWARD based on all of their amazing placements. At Spotlight Dance Competition, Sanctuary was awarded the STUDIO SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD for being the most polite, friendly and supportive studio at the competition. We are so proud of our SDC dancers and congratulate them on all of their accomplishments this season!   


Sanctuary Dance Company is Sanctuary Yoga, Barre & Dance's competition team and performing company. It is a team of dancers who are working toward a common goal (competitions, workshops, performing opportunities) while having an outlet to express themselves through the art of dance as well as an outlet for camaraderie, goal setting, and self discipline. Each individual on the team is recognized for their unique talents and abilities, but are united in striving for common goals and serving as positive role models at the studio. The team encourages leadership and is dedicated to building dancers who will be taught the healthy approach to competition. Our instructors are devoted to developing the dancers into the best dancers they can be and require determiniation and dedication from each dancer


TyAnne Roberts, Dance Director

(509) 332-2977

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