200-hour teacher training instructors and graduates, Summer 2019:

(Left to Right) Judy Kolde*, Wendy Smith, Chloe Rambo,

Ashley Shewmaker, Jamie Hunter*

*Indicates instructor


TTs 2018
TTs 2018 -2
Alyson Koerner
I love yoga! When I'm on my mat, all my cares drift away. I am excited to share my look of yoga with others. I hope to see you in class soon!
Angela Taylor
I want to introduce yoga to a broad range of people. The use of movement with breath is good for our bodies and minds and has the power to help heal us. I am excited about offering community classes and begin to expand my teaching repertoire to include all ages, varying venues, and get people excited to try something new. I love teaching yoga and it has expanded my own practice.
Abby Hansen
I want to be a yoga teacher because it's a little bit scary to do! I travel a lot and finding ways to connect to others on more than a cursory level is very important to me. I hope yoga can be a spiritual bridge throughout my life that can bring an intimacy to my life and others' with our bodies, with our communities, with the chaos around us.
I'm interested in the benefits of yoga in addressing mental health issues and bringing peace to our over-stimulated psyche's.
Tristan Underwood
After getting out of the army I found my interest in mindful movement, meditation, and the mind-body connection. My motivation to teach yoga is to learn more about yoga, and to share my passion for yoga.
Hannah Smith
Hi! I'm Hanna, you'll see me around the studio a lot this summer between managing the studio, teaching ballet, instructing barre, as well as yoga teacher training. This August I will be moving to Texas where I will be starting my journey of being a military wife and hopefully bringing the joy of yoga to military personnel, family members, and veterans on base! If you get the chance to talk, I'd love to meet you and chat. See you soon!
Zach Jensen
I'm a recent WSU grad. I work with Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse, and I intend on pursuing graduate studies in mental health.
Yoga is an amazing physical practice with applications for therapeutic interventions. Sanctuary has been an amazing studio where I've grown tremendously, and I genuinely look forward to teaching.
Sarah Bergdahl
I practice yoga to build strength through flexibility and balance in my body and mind. It is my honor to begin teaching classes, because it is a way for me to serve the community.
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TTs 2018 -2