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The region's premier Yoga, Barre and Dance studio. Sanctuary offers hot and traditional yoga as well as Barre classes for a wide range of ability levels. Hot yoga studio temperatures range from 105-110+ degrees with higher humidity levels which allows your body to open deeper into postures and enables you to cleanse and detoxify. Our Barre classes are world class and a great way to strengthen and tone without building mass.  We also offer a variety of energizing adult dance classes. There is something for everyone!  Our certified and experienced instructors are excited to work with you!

Open 7 days a week with early classes at 5:45 am on weekdays. See our full schedule online for details.


True to its name, we hope this beautiful place becomes your sanctuary. Our studio community is eager to guide you on your journey to health and well being and are so excited to share the benefits of Yoga and Barre with the little piece of heaven we call the Palouse.

Meet the team


(509) 332-2977

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