Meet our team



 I have lived in Pullman since I was around 7 years old with my mom, dad, 3 sisters and various pets, so I am almost a Pullman native! When I first started out at WSU, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I took classes in everything from physics to interior design to literature and more. I eventually decided that teaching young children is what I wanted to do most.

            I graduated with my degree in Human Development with a specialization in Early Childhood Education in December after completing my student teaching at the WSU Children’s Center. I have also worked with children from infancy to 5 years old at Gritman Medical Center’s child care program. My curriculum philosophy centers around nurturing the whole child, including learning areas such as math, science, literacy, social studies, and art, as well as developmental areas, such as fine motor, gross motor, language, and social-emotional skills.

            I am excited to take what I’ve learned through my education and experience and move it towards building Sanctuary’s performing arts preschool. Having had an interest and participating in dance since I was young, as well as dabbling in other forms of art in the past, I believe in the importance of connecting areas of life together: the mind and the body, traditional academics and the arts. 

I look forward to working with you and your children to create a thriving community of learners and help children reach their full potential! --  Abigail


I'm Lauren.  I will be a senior in the WSU Elementary Education program with a double minor in Human Development and Mathematics. I grew up on the south Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington.  I have known from a young age that I wanted to become an educator-and have gravitated towards being around young children my entire life.  I have been working at Sanctuary for almost a year now and am so excited to finally get into the classroom.  I am passionate about learning and believe we as human beings are all life long learners. I feel so blessed to be a part of future students educational journey.



Kathryn Tibbens is a licensed Washington state educator and a recent WSU grad. She is passionate about multicultural literature, yoga and her kittens. Kathryn is excited to join the sanctuary team and to support developing young minds!