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Hatha classes use  26 consistent yoga postures in each class. Each pose is done twice, in a specific order and the postures are held for several rounds of breadth.  This consistency enables the practitioner to gage their progress.  Hatha classes largely involves lower body strength and incorporate a mix of balancing poses. as well as core and back strengthening postures  Hatha classes at Sanctuary are 90 minutes and are held in our state of the art hot room.


Fusion is very similar to Hatha with one major exception, the second set of the pose usually offers a variation to the pose.  You may also see other small differences in sequencing, but for the most part fusion complies with the structure of Hatha.  Fusion classes are 75 minutes and are held in the hot room.



This styles has its roots in Ashtanga style and has a very open format of yoga that allows for creativity from the instructor. Vinyasa is commonly translated as "moving with breath." Therefore, in class you will be instructed to coordinate breath with movement.  This class is slower and less structured than a Power class but also incorporated the well known "down dog" and "up dog" of yoga.  Expect to see a lot of upper body strength poses and flows.  Hot Vinyasa classes are 60 minutes and are held in the hot room. Warm VInyasa classes are 75 minutes and are held in our barre room at about room temperature.


Here at Sanctuary Power classes follow a structure similar to a Baptiste brand of yoga class.  Power is derived from Vinyasa and therefore the style is similar, but with a faster pace and higher intensity.  The class structure incorporates upper and lower body strength with plenty of cardio! Power classes are 60 minutes and are held in the hot room.


Yin yoga is for balancing the yang of your yoga practice. [Yang incorporates the intense classes like Power and Vinyasa.]   Yin practice has you hold poses for 30 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on the asana.  The intention is to target the muscle tissue or fascia, connective tissues such as ligaments, bones, and event joints of the body that normally are not exercised much in an active yoga style practice.  There is slight engagement of the body to bring you to your first edge. That is to say, the point in the posture where you first feel a sensation.  The goal is not go on a full out stretch, but only come to the first point of resistance in your body.  Our Yin classes are 75 minutes and our held at a warm setting in the hot room.


Yin style and yang style Vinyasa are combined into one class.  The first half of class is the Yin portion, where poses are held from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.  The second half is the yang portion of class, where a more intense flow is practiced. YinVasa classes are 75 minutes and are held in the barre room at about room temperature.


Restorative yoga sequence typically involves no more than 10 asanas, all supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest.  Held for 3 minutes and up, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle back bends. Restorative is different from Yin in that there is complete relaxation and no work from the body and Restorative works to heal injuries/alignments while Yin Works to optimize an (usually) uninjured body.  Restorative classes are 60 minutes and are held in the barre room at comfortable room temperature.  Warm clothing and socks are recommended for full relaxation and comfort!



Experience the best of both worlds –Hot Power Yoga with the sculpting benefits of Resistance Training. Engage your body in simple moves like lunges, deep stretching, and balance, with the use of dumbbells, to achieve your own personal transformation. This spirited class quickly improves muscle tone, tightens your core and energizes your body. The heated room accelerates your results and improves cardiovascular health.  **note--Previous Hot Yoga experience is suggested before practicing this format!**

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