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Foundational Postures Workshop 

Saturday Feb. 20th 1:00-3:00pm

Foundational Postures Workshop 

This workshop will focus on the asanas that lay the foundation to many of yoga practices. Participants will work on: integration postures like cat/cow; sun salutation A; sun salutation B; standing balance postures including warrior 3, tree, and dancer; back strengthening; and common cool down such as wide legged forward fold, triangle, pigeon, bound angle, seated forward fold, seated/supine twists.


This class is available in person AND on zoom-- be sure to sign up for the option that you would like to attend. If you need help signing up, we're here to help! Just call us at 

(509)332-2977 or email at and we will get you signed up. 

Workshops are FREE for studio members, $25 for non- member in person workshops, and $15 for non-member virtual workshops.

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